Accident plus replacement service

In case your Kiddy child seat has been involved in a serious traffic accident, it shouldn’t continue to be used. Cracks or damages could have been caused in a way which are not visible at first glance. The special Kiddy service: we will check whether the accident has caused any security-related damage to your seat. In this case you will receive a new equivalent seat from us for free.

Therefore please fill out the following questionnaire and send us the seat which was involved in the car accident together with the purchase receipt and the police accident report (a copy of the purchase receipt and the police accident report is satisfactory). The Kiddy accident plus replacement service is only valid for seats no older than 6 years after date of purchase and which are reported to us within 3 months after the time of accident. For any inquiries please don't hesitate to contact us by phone at the following number: 09281/7080-0

By filling out this questionnaire about the event of the accident and possible injuries to the child and transmitting it to us, you are helping us to collect important information for the future improvement of the safety of your children.

Thank you for your support!

Replacement service form

Personal data
Children in a child seat
Seating position of the child seatDescriptionPlease select the respective seating position in the sketch.
Has the impact shield of the seat been used?
Method of child seat attachment
New seat desired?
Adults / Teenager
Seating position of the casualtyDescriptionPlease choose the respective seat position on the sketch.
Empty child seat
Installation position of the child seatDescriptionBitte wählen Sie die jeweilige Sitzposition in der Skizze aus.
Method of child seat attachment
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About the accident
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Did the vehicle roll over?*
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