The secret behind the success

Kiddy  =  research and development of the highest standards

Kiddy car seats are unique, because they integrate over 30 years of intelligent development. Kiddy’s R&D department is located at the head office in Hof/Saale, where any new research findings are directly incorporated into the development the seats. With its research into purpose-driven materials the kiddy engineering team has led the way for many years, with the result that kiddy is out in front in terms of lightweight construction. Intensive research has produced a significant reduction of the weight of the car seats resulting in less mass moving forward in the event of an impact.

Lightweight means better safety! Furthermore kiddy leads the way in side impact protection, because by using highly energy-absorbent materials (called “Honey Comb” and “Honey Comb V2”) in the vulnerable head and shoulder areas, the child is superbly protected in the event of a side impact. kiddy is also leading the way in impact shield technology: This is backed up by a sophisticated, well-engineered safety system that reduces the risk of dangerous neck injuries especially in a head-on collision.

In the meantime kiddy is now using 7th generation impact shields. The kiddy energy pro and the kiddy guardian pro are both fitted with the new improved version.