Kiddy Lie-Flat Technology

Comfort- like in bed,  in the baby carrier „evolution pro 2“ provides maximum body support and breathing function. Thanks to the particularly flat lying angle, baby can sleep healthily and relaxed while using the baby carrier outside the car.
An independent Testing commission with medicine and science experts has tested and confirmed the ergonomic advantage for the baby. And has awarded Kiddy evolution pro2 with AGR seal of quality (Association Forum
Healthy Back).
Thanks to the KLF Technology the kiddy baby carrier has particularly flat, ergonomically   valuable lying position. Both midwives and pediatricians advise: parents shouldn’t transport their children in a baby carrier for too long.
The hunched position causes a heavy load for  child’s soft bones and spine. The bent legs may press on the stomach and lungs and breathing will be difficult.
‘This bent sitting position may be life-threatening in some cases’, said dr Jörg Schriever, representative for children accidents from Pediatricians Professional Organization in the issue of ÖKO-Test  „Spezial Baby 2014”.

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Ideal protection thanks to the rain-mosquitocover