kiddy heartbeat: 2-in-1 baby carrier

Security and a sense of closeness: the Kiddy Heartbeat baby carrier literally makes children’s wellbeing a matter that is close to the heart. Children weighing between 3.5 and 14 kg directly sense their parents’ warmth while they in turn enjoy a sense of togetherness without hurting their back thanks to the ergonomically correct carrying position. Whether in a café or out hiking: the baby carrier prepares mums and dads for everyday situations as the baby can be carried on the chest or piggyback style. The integrated rain and wind cover also optimally protects the child against sudden rain showers. Kiddy Heartbeat is available in three different colours and two sizes to fit parents.

Offers safe protection

The safety-relevant belt system based on the ergonomics of the baby carrier can be put on easily and safely. An integrated rain cape, that can be easily tucked away in the baby carrier, offers protection from wind, rain and snow. The appeal of the kiddy heartbeat lies in its ergonomics and safety as well as in the stylish design available in 5 different versions.

Why buy me?

  • Can be worn in 2 different positions

    (front towards you and back).

  • Perfect fit for parents and babies

    size adjustment by zips and buckles.

  • Newborn insert

    offers cosy warmth and correct extra support for the newborn baby.

  • Soft padding

    for baby comfort.

  • Supportive waist belt and back

    for back-friendly comfort through even distribution of weight.

  • Adjustable straps

    for a perfect and comfortable fit.

  • Padded headrest

    for optimal support for the sensitive head and neck areas.

  • 2-Wege-Sicherheitsverschluss

    for added child safety and to prevent accidental opening.

  • Integrated reflectors

    offer maximum visibility at night and in poor weather conditions.

  • Ergonomic, natural sitting position

„Riders Club” by Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum.

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, three-time overall World Cup winner and Show Jumping World Champion, also has a two-year-old daughter. This gave her the impetus to use her perspective as a mother who travels a lot to keenly assist Kiddy with its product development. Safety and quality have the highest priority but products also have to be easy to handle, self‑explanatory and highly versatile.

„What’s important to me, is important to all parents: I want only the best for my child.“


Size S: 47300-HS-035
EAN 4009749316713

Size L: 47300-HL-035
EAN 4009749316720
Racing Black
Size S: 47300-HS-077
EAN 4009749326873

Size L: 47300-HL-077
EAN 4009749326859
Size S: 47300-HS-080
EAN 4009749326835

Size L: 47300-HL-080
EAN 4009749326811
Riders Club by MMB
Size S: 47300-HS-800
EAN 4009749316775

Size L: 47300-HL-800
EAN 4009749316782