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kiddy accessories

kiddy accessories bring even more fun and comfort to everyday life. Whether sunshield, upholstery protection, or toys for child seats and strollers, chic and stylish diaper bags for moms or travel items such as baby beds and baby sleeping bags: With kiddy you are perfectly prepared for every situation.

kiddy accessories for kiddy seats

kiddyZubehör - für Sitze

kiddy accessories make any car trip a pleasure for big and small. Dirty car seats and boring waiting are so yesterday. kiddy accessories always make car trips comfortable and interesting

Kiddy mix’n match seat insert
kiddy upholstery protection
kiddy becool
Ravensburger bear book

kiddy travel accessories

kiddyZubehör - für die Reise

Travelling with kids? Even long journeys need not be a problem with the help of travel accessories from kiddy. With a baby travel suit your little one will be well looked after – even if it means a stay-over at friends on the spur of the moment, or an afternoon snooze. You’ll be fully equipped with kiddy travel companions!

Kiddy Heartbeat

KIDDY Bliss Travel Suit

KIDDY Carry System

KIDDY Aware Lights