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Car Seats are Not All Created Equal; Kiddy USA Cruiserfix Pro Leads the Way!

This title was created by the blogger, Mommy’s Memorandum.  Of course we love it and think the title hits the nail right on the head!  Her daughter is 9 years old and is still using a car seat.  I give this mom a lot of credit for thinking of the safety of her child and of course utilizing a top notch car seat brand as well!

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Mommy Guru – March Madness Giveaway

Kiddy City'n Move Stroller in Disney!

The Kiddy City’n Move ventured to Disneyland in Florida a few weeks ago with the Mommy Guru!  Yes, the lavender is a gorgeous color but it’s not so much the color that the Mommy Guru loved. 

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Africa’s Blog and Her Opinion on the Kiddy City’n Move Stroller

One of the things I like best about this review from Africa’s Blog is that she lists her three favorite things about our stroller.  She says she likes the level of recline this stroller has to offer, the sun canopy’s level of protection (UV80) and also of course the 5-pt harness. 

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Thrifty & Chic Mom is Back with Kiddy World Plus Giveaway

The Kiddy World Plus

Enter for your chance to win a Kiddy World Plus through Thrify & Chic Mom!  Make sure you read her comparison of the Kiddy World Plus and two other competitive brands posted earlier this month too! 

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The Art of Making a Baby and the Kiddy City’N Move Stroller

The Art of Making a Baby is a must follow simply because of the extraordinary photos that this blog contains as well as the fact that the star of this blog is a little cutie!!  The woman that runs this blog, Elena is very good to work with and I believe truly does give honest reviews.

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Thrifty & Chic Mom Weighs in on the Kiddy World Plus vs. Two Other Brands

When I was contacted by Thrifty & Chic Mom to review the Kiddy World Plus, I did not expect her to do a comparison to the Britax Frontier 85 and the Evenflo Highback Booster.  I was pleasantly surprised when I did see the work and the comparison though. 

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Mommy Guru Gives Us Her Take on the Kiddy World Plus

Kiddy World Plus Protection Shield

While I was looking for an old email, I came across this review that I completely forgot to post so I apologize Kiddy Fans for almost missing out on telling you about yet another great review of one our seats, the Kiddy World Plus.

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Sweet Pea Savings Loves the Kiddy City’N Move Stroller

Mommy blogger over at Sweet Pea Savings wrote a review on our Kiddy City’N Move stroller.  I like how she talks about the different age groups from babies up to 5 years old and how regardless of age, they will love the features and comfort while mom or dad will love the safety. 

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A Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro Review from IHeart Motherhood

Here is a great review on the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro by IHeart Motherhood.  I love the fact that she was so excited we work with people in communities.  It is such an important part of who we are as a company. 

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Testimony from a Physical Therapist

I’ve been using the Kiddy World Plus for my 2 year old and she loves it. I picked this seat for the Protection Shield that is used instead of the 5 point harness. The shield as Kiddy refers to it, doesn’t allow my daughter to unbuckle herself and the straps don’t dig into her Neck/shoulders.

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