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Kiddy declared ‘brand of the century’ by Dr. Florian Langenscheidt


Kiddy Receives Brand of the Century

I woke up this morning to some wonderful news from Kiddy Germany!  As you can tell from the title, Kiddy received a high honor of being declared ‘Brand of the Century’.  When I read the title, I was not exactly sure what it meant but I know it sounded good! 

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Press Release from IIHS: The Kiddy World Plus and the Cruiserfix Pro get ‘Best Bet’ Ratings from IIHS

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has awarded the Kiddy World Plus AND the Cruiserfix Pro ‘Best Bet’ ratings for 2012.  A booster is supposed to help properly position the vehicle seatbelt relative to your child so that it can properly restrain them during a crash. 

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Press Release: The Family Review Center Awards the Cruiserfix Pro their Gold Award

We at Kiddy USA are honored that the Family Review Center has decided to award our Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro their Gold Award.  They wrote a fabulous review on the seat.  The Family Review Center reviews products and services for companies global wide and has been doing so since 2000. 

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Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro Review from carseat.org

Here is a great review from carseat.org on the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro.  I love their title, Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro Booster Review – der beste neue kindersitz? (that’s German for check out this awesome new booster!).  It’s a very flattering and truthful review. 

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The Kiddy World Plus makes the ABC Spring Educational Conference Preview in the Giggle Guide

The Kiddy World Plus is selected to be previewed in the ABC Spring Educational Conference by the Giggle Guide.  The article is located about half way down the guide.  The conference is held in Las Vegas this year so in honor of the conference’s location, best of luck to our Kiddy team representing us there!

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