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Press Release: The Family Review Center Awards the Cruiserfix Pro their Gold Award

We at Kiddy USA are honored that the Family Review Center has decided to award our Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro their Gold Award.  They wrote a fabulous review on the seat.  The Family Review Center reviews products and services for companies global wide and has been doing so since 2000.  They offer free product reviews and a prestigious awards program.  They are not a blog, but rather a professional and comprehensive review center that offers B2B services far beyond a simple review.

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March is almost here and so is the Kiddy World Plus!

Well the anticipated arrival of the Kiddy World Plus is upon us and we are so excited over here in the United States.  Our new shield technology and integration of the LATCH system is going to sure turn heads.  All of our devoted Kiddy USA fans on Facebook keep checking daily for an update hoping that we will soon post that it’s here.  Amazon is already taking pre-orders if you can believe it!  It’s wonderful being part of such a great product!  I brag about it constantly kind of like it’s one of my children

As a way to celebrate it’s highly anticipated arrival, the picture posted here is from one of our first Kiddy World Plus owners!! She was telling me that both of her children are loving their new Kiddy seats.  They love the room that the Kiddy World Plus and the Cruiserfix Pro give them.  Her youngest calls the shield ‘her table’.  Isn’t that cute!?  I personally always knew that children would love the freedom of not having a 5-pt harness but the parents would appreciate the safety!  My Amelia is just going to love me when I sit her in the Kiddy World Plus that I’ll be getting very soon.   I’ve got my countdown going too Kiddy fans!!

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December Already?!

I can’t believe December is already here.  2011 went by SO fast!  I’m sure having another child and lack of sleep made the majority of the year seem foggy and move so quickly.  Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone and here we are approaching Christmas.

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Kiddy Speaks at the Safe Kids Conference – North Carolina Conference

Our very own Sales Director of North America, Katherine Hubanks spoke at the Safe Kids Conference in North Carolina. 

The Kiddy World Plus’s shield technology is new to the U.S. market  so many were interested in the comparisons Katherine spoke about in relation to a 5-point harness.  Here is a photo of Katherine presenting to the car seat audience.  The Kiddy World Plus is expected to be available to the public in November/December 2011 timeframe.

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The Weekend Has Come and Gone

What a crazy weekend at our house!  Our eldest one, Amelia turned 2!  It was such a wonderful weekend all in all.  The weather was perfect, our tempermental 2 year old was so well behaved and our time with family and friends was priceless. 

Friday her little friends from our mom’s group came over to play in the bouncy house and enjoy cake and ice cream.  We had a Minnie Mouse themed party with a Minnie Mouse vegan cake.  One little boy in our group is allergic to dairy so I did some local searching and found a place close by that made a vegan cake.  It was delicious!!  The children and adults were impressed as well. 

Saturday was a trip over to Canada to Amelia’s Nonna and Nonno’s house.  They have a pool so there was lots of water fun and plenty of bouncing in the house since we brought it along for the ride.  Elmo was the theme at this party!  Again, I was on a mission to find an Elmo cake except I had to locate one over in Canada.  I completely forgot that a friend of a friend made cakes and she did such a wonderful job (as you can see – there are a few spots Amelia put her finger in)!  Children’s birthdays are SO much fun but boy, DO THEY WEAR YOU OUT!!

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Kiddy USA is officially launched on Facebook

Become a fan of Kiddy USA on Facebook and learn about upcoming products, contests, reviews, etc.  Right now, the first 100 fans to join are entered into a drawing for a Kiddy Adventure Pack.  You better join quickly!


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It is Almost August!!

Where has the summer gone??  I can’t believe that Monday is going to be August 1st.  Time flies when graduations, barbeques and birthdays fill up your calendar.  It has been a while since my last post but Kiddy has been keeping me busy outside of blogging.  Our Kiddy Adventure Pack is getting great publicity so we have been working on reaching out to various consumers to try our product and provide some feedback.  All are SO excited to see exactly what I have been talking about!  Our Kiddy Facebook page will be up and running by August 1st so please make sure you become a fan and find out interesting facts about the company/product, learn about fun giveaways and also where we are featured.  Facebook…what a great marketing tool!

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The Kiddy Adventure Pack has arrived in the United States!

Happy 4th of July week!  As you can tell from the title of this weeks post that the Kiddy Adventure Pack is available in the U.S. now and is making its way to retailers all over the country.  All retailers are getting set-up as I type this so if you are interested in purchasing one, just contact me through this blog and I can try and help you locate one. 

Now to tell you about this phenominal child back carrier.  First of all, I LOVED the fact that it required no assembly.  I just simply pulled it out of the box and opened it up.  My little Amelia wanted to jump right in and let me tell you, she did!  I think she was more excited to use it then my husband and I were which is hard to believe.  She quickly discovered that her babies were too small to fit properly! 

Ok enough of the cute stuff, now down to business.  This carrier is unbelieveable!  The material choices are great.

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Wow – What a week!

Our Kiddy Family has been busy for the last week with family functions and entertaining our friends that were in from Germany.  My nephew turned 2, so we spent the good part of Saturday playing in my parents pool, eating pizza and cake and watching the little guy open gifts which is always so much fun.  They open one gift and they love it so much there is not much interest in the rest…it was cute!  My niece celebrated her confirmation on Sunday, so there was a nice mass and lots of yummy food to follow at my sister’s house.  It’s hard to believe she is off to highschool next year.  Boy how time flies! 

In between the hussle and bussle of family functions, we spent our extra time with our extended family (so we like to call them) from Germany.  They were here for a total of 10 days.

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Hello world!

Hello to all of the Kiddy fans out there and welcome to my blog!  My name is Daniella and I will officially be your connection between Kiddy and the US market.  I have been working with Kiddy since January testing out their products and I must say, I am very impressed with the quality, durability and design.  I have used the Kiddy Sport’n Move on vacation, while doing running around and even out for a nice stroll in my neighborhood.  The storage on this stroller is fantastic!  I LOVE the little compartment near the adjustable handle…perfect for my keys, cell phone, wipes and a little treat for my peanut )  It is such a smooth ride and easily maneuverable.   The recline function is so easy to use and it transitions nicely without waking up my Amelia.  She loves to play peek-a-boo through the windows.  It puts a smile on my face as I’m typing this. 

How about I tell you a little about me…I have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and also my Masters in Business Administration.  I was a vehicle seat engineer for 8 1/2 yrs and made a switch to Program Management a few years back.  I worked for a child seat manufacturer at the time.  I was a Child Seat Safety Tech but I let my certification run out in the midst of starting a family and getting tied up with my every day tasks as a new mom.  Being a mom is such a rewarding job however the hardest one I have held thus far.  I wouldn’t change it for the world!!

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