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The City N’ Move Favorite Features

Wondering what sets the City N’ Move apart from the competition? Beth has created a video showing all of her favorite features! Watch to see the City N’ Move in action.

Beth says she likes the stand alone ability, the impressive steering, and the easy fold up the best. She was surprised to find that the Kiddy is as durable and stable as it is, while still falling into the same category as many lightweight umbrella strollers. We had the chance to sit down with Beth and ask her a few questions, see our interview below, then make sure to check out her YouTube Video!

What is your favorite feature of the City N’ Move?

The fact that it can hold so much stuff without tipping! I have 3 small children, so the back of my stroller is always loaded down. There is nothing more stressful than having one or more screaming child, going to get the baby out of the stroller, and having the entire thing fall backwards while I’ve got a baby in my arms and am dealing with who knows what else. With the Kiddy, I know I can put my full attention on the kids because my stroller isn’t going anywhere.

Where do you use your City N’ Move most?

In the mall, other stores… or sometimes even the grocery store! There aren’t many carts that are big enough for 3 children AND the food it takes to feed a family of 5 for a week. It’s so nice to be able to put one of the kids in my City N’ Move and the other two in the cart while we go through the grocery store. It certainly isn’t easy to take 3 young children to the grocery store, but using the City N’ Move, I’m able to quickly and easily steer my stroller with one hand – which leaves my other hand to attempt to steer the cart!

How does it compare to other similar strollers?

Honestly, I’m not sure what to compare this to. Comparing it to the cheap-o umbrella strollers I used to have is ridiculous. But at the same time, comparing it to a high end stroller isn’t quite right either. The City N’ Move has all the features of the high end strollers – big canopy, good steering, easy fold up – while still being lightweight and compact.


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