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Car Seats are Not All Created Equal; Kiddy USA Cruiserfix Pro Leads the Way!

This title was created by the blogger, Mommy’s Memorandum.  Of course we love it and think the title hits the nail right on the head!  Her daughter is 9 years old and is still using a car seat.  I give this mom a lot of credit for thinking of the safety of her child and of course utilizing a top notch car seat brand as well!

You will notice in the article that her daughter, Miss M stated that her legs don’t fall asleep any more during the car rides they take.  This of course is due to the leg extension that Kiddy has designed into the seat.  We at Kiddy also feel this is attributed to the AGR certification on the seat because it was the ergonomic design of the back structure/trim and foam along with the leg extension that deemed this seat as being a ‘Back-Friendly’ certified seat.

Great review and very honest in my opinion!  Please take the time to read!!

Daniella and your Kiddy Family

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