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The Art of Making a Baby and the Kiddy City’N Move Stroller

The Art of Making a Baby is a must follow simply because of the extraordinary photos that this blog contains as well as the fact that the star of this blog is a little cutie!!  The woman that runs this blog, Elena is very good to work with and I believe truly does give honest reviews.

Kiddy City'n Move

The Kiddy City'n Move in Disneyland

When we found out that The Art of Making a Baby was going to Disneyland, we jumped through hoops to get her a Kiddy City’N Move.  They weren’t even distributed yet in the United States!  We sent her our first sample while the strollers were on their way over by boat.  She loved it!  She loved the quality, the features and more…read her blog 🙂  Living down south, she was extremely excited about the UV 80 Protection in the canopy and even more excited that unoccupied, the stroller did not tip over.  She had her diaper bag packed to the brim too!

Enjoy the read here!  Like I said, it’s a great blog to follow!!

Daniella and the Kiddy Family


3 Responses to “The Art of Making a Baby and the Kiddy City’N Move Stroller”

  1. julie ferguson-gould says:

    I have a Great-Niece who has been trying for years to have a baby and she is finally being lessed with a baby boy coming in June and I would love to win this for her.

  2. I would love a stroller for my current grandson and my second grandson, due this May.

  3. Christine Coe says:

    I’m having a baby girl in May 2013, I love the different colors, the lavender is my fav! And I also love how compact the stroller is. <3 would love to win this for our little girl!!

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