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Testimony from a Physical Therapist

I’ve been using the Kiddy World Plus for my 2 year old and she loves it. I picked this seat for the Protection Shield that is used instead of the 5 point harness. The shield as Kiddy refers to it, doesn’t allow my daughter to unbuckle herself and the straps don’t dig into her Neck/shoulders. I was concerned that she may not like it, but as it turns out she uses it like an arm rest and is free to use her arms. My wife and I are both Physical Therapists and are very much aware of the damage that a car accident can cause. We wanted the safest seat possible. The seat feels very solid and is adjustable to meet my daughters changing needs.

The Kiddy World Plus

'I picked this seat for the Protection Shield...'

My 4 year old needed a booster seat and I came across the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro by word of mouth. The seat comes with Side Impact Protection and adjusts for his growth with the back rest and seat for his legs. As a physical therapist, knowing that the seat is approved by the Federal Association of German Back Schools gives me confidence that my son will be comfortable no matter how long the trip.  I love how the seat will grow with him and customizes to his growing body. The materials and construction are of the highest quality and this will be the last car seat he will need.

-Jeff T., Physical Therapist and father to two children

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